At Lakehouse Media we help you become the go-to authority in your field by creating your very own television show. We will produce, edit and air your new TV series to give your brand the platform it needs to be the authority.

Your show will air in major cities all across Canada. To compliment your show, we will create a social media presence through Facebook and YouTube to keep your viewers engaged.

Production will include a professional set to film the show, fully trained and paid staff, lighting professionals, audio and camera personnel, hair and makeup artists, catering, post -production editing etc.

At Lakehouse Media, we provide you with the foundation and tools to succeed, with both push and pull platforms. Let our programming increase your brand, and use your social media to engage with your new clients and audience.

Connect with your target audience all across Canada

Become the go-to authority when it comes to your area of expertise

Build your client base by driving viewers to your organization